4 Unique Date Ideas

There is a large number of people who say they hate dating whether they are in a relationship or not. Dates are the not the problem but rather, the way you date. You don’t need to spend much and dating requires little effort. Stepping outside of the box when looking to save money and promote romance is the way to love dating again. You don’t have to take a big leap. Just enough to encourage sparks. Four amazing unique date ideas listed below.

The Truth or Dare Date

the truth or dare date photo

A truth or dare date night is an excellent way to break down barriers. The game uncovers some secrets and shows just how daring your partner is. Before playing, set some ground rules. Rules can include:

  • prohibiting dares than can result in an arrest (obviously)
  • allowing all truth questions to be turned back on the person who asked to encourage conversation
  • avoiding dares that involve family or close friends

To make things even more interesting, head out for a walk as you continue to play. By the end of the date, you will have more insight about the person you are with. Truth or dare often brings a few jaw-dropping yet hilarious truths and laughter that carries through the date. Good times result in romance.

Rent a Pedal Boat

pedal boat date idea

A lot of people walk through parks and see people in pedal boats but have not considered renting one themselves. They only cost $10-15 to rent and is something different. Being on the water is serene and gives you the feeling that no one else is around except the two of you. You can talk, take some pictures and you may even want to bring dinner to enjoy a meal on the water. As a plus, you might get to see a few ducks up close which add value to this very cheap date.

Test Drive a Luxury Vehicle

luxury car date idea pic

This date is amazing because it feels like a thrill game the whole way through. You and your date dress up (but don’t make it obvious) and go to a dealership to test a luxury vehicle. The two of you may even want to drive a few if you’re feeling daring. What makes the date thrilling is convincing the sales person that you are in the market to buy. If you want, see if you can coax the sales person to let you test drive without him/her present. This involves some acting to ensure that everything goes smoothly but you get to play a “joke” that only the two of you are in on. After the drive(s), say that you’re having a hard time choosing, state that you two have more thinking to do and get out. This idea is for those who have already gotten to know each other and crave risk with their romance.

Head to a Dive Bar

dive bar unique date idea

Dive bars always offer a unique date experience. The locals are lively, inebriated patrons are belting out tunes and the number of conversation starters is endless. The best part is, the drinks are cheap and sometimes the food is really delicious. To make the date a night to remember, you must do a karaoke duet. Your skills may even earn you a free drink or two. Just ensure you don’t venture into the wrong scene by doing a quick online search beforehand.