Top 10 Dating Rules for Women: First Date Edition

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First dates are always the most nerve-racking. A long list of questions, doubts, and worst case scenarios plague you before the day of the date even arrives. The key to taking that edge off and dating successfully goes much further than looking gorgeous. Of course, it helps but dating advice for women is better. More specifically, rules of dating. Let’s get into the top 10 dating rules for women.

Drive Yourself To and From the Date

Safety comes first and this rule applies whether you met your date online or in person. Even if you don’t have a car, get a ride, take a cab or public transportation. You don’t know this person well enough to let him know where you live. Even more importantly, you want an easy escape route just in case the date doesn’t go well. An “Emergency” text or call from a close friend is ineffective without your own ride. Also, keep in mind that fewer things are more awkward than being alone in a car with someone you never plan to see again.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

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It is hard to charm and enjoy someone’s company when you are uncomfortable. Of course, you should look amazing on your date but make sure you wear something you look and feel great in. Wearing painful yet stunning shoes or a garment that needs constant adjusting takes away from the date.

Avoid Oversharing

Yeah, we’ve all been there. You’re on a first date, you’re nervous and your mouth takes over. Before you know it, this guy that you’ve known for 5 minutes has heard your life story and all the dirt on your ex. Instead of making this huge error, maintain some mystery. This increases the chance of him wanting to get to know you better. Allow the person you’re dating to slowly peel back your many layers. That is what makes dating so exciting. Those who tend to get nervous often benefit from listening to music before the date or hitting the gym. For example, blast your favorite playlist as you get ready for the date to reduce anxiety and get your energy level up. Alternatively, a mere 5 minutes of aerobic exercise stimulates anti-anxiety effects and boosts your confidence.

Don’t Make It All About Him

Despite not wanting to overshare, don’t bombard him with questions either. The objective of a date is conversation – a back and forth. He tells you something, you tell him something and this continues until the date ends. Some grow so afraid of revealing too much about themselves that they put the spotlight on their date.

Remain in the Moment

Meeting a great guy can get a girl’s hopes up quick. That is part of the excitement but before going on that first date and many dates after, remain in the moment rather than constantly thinking about the outcome. First dates are not the time for expectations. Instead, focus on getting to know him, having him get to know you and enjoying some time out. Meetings should be casual, lighthearted, and fun.

Eat Like a Normal Person

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This is another important one on the list of first date tips for women. Please do not order the salad and pick at it all through dinner. Instead, order what you want and actually eat it. Nothing says I’m insecure and have a bad relationship with food more than eating like a timid mouse. Order what you want (just steer clear of meals heavy on the onions and garlic) and enjoy. Men appreciate women who are not afraid to eat in front of them and eat unselfconsciously. Go for the steak with compound butter! Just don’t forget your table manners and your lipstick.

Handle the Bill Like a Lady

Yes, chivalry is endangered but this isn’t only on the list of dating rules for women over 40. Women of all ages have no idea what to do when it’s time to pay. When the bill arrives, do the following:

  1. Wait for him to go for it.
  2. Reach for your purse as soon as he goes for the bill.
  3. Continue to proceed to pay until he says, “I’ve got this covered” or something similar.
  4. Thank him and put that wallet back in your bag.

In the case that he doesn’t, pay for your half and move on. Offering or asking to split the bill prior is unnecessary.

Avoid Indecisiveness

You don’t have to make all the decisions but deflecting every chance to make a choice is a big mistake. To avoid this, steer clear of replying, “I don’t know” or “It’s up to you” when given options. He wants to know your thoughts and ideas so answer. Who can resist a woman who knows what she wants?

Don’t Get Too Physical

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This is a very important one on the list of dating rules for women and goes way past the first date. Some decide to kiss on the first date while others do not. That is your choice but keep physical intimacy to a minimum. This is less about protecting your reputation and more about protecting your heart. Far too much emotional attachment comes with taking that big step.

Wait for Him to Text or Email

This is one of the must know post first date rules for women. After you’ve gone on a first date wait for him to call, text or email, assuming that you had a good time. This is important because it makes it easy to gauge his interest and availability. If he does, respond and move things along by suggesting another meeting. This says, “I like you too” and ultimately eliminates doubts on both ends. As for when a guy does not initiate contact after a date, remove him from your list.

Follow the rules above and your dating life will drastically improve. When you know what you’re doing, there is nothing to fear. Better yet, all the focus can be put on being yourself. Best of luck!