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5 Black Dating Tips You Must Know

Expectations, respect, boundaries, patience, and values are very important in black dating. Without keeping all five in mind, you will have little to no success. Everyone wants an active love life but keeping the activity going requires knowledge. Below are 5 black dating tips you must know.

Make Expectations Clear

Dating is best when both parties involved make their expectations known. Some are looking for a serious relationship while others just want to hook up. Both are fine but leaving the person you’re dating in the dark is not. One question that comes up on most dates is, “What are you looking for?” Whether you ask the question or are on the receiving end, be direct and most importantly, be honest. If goals are not compatible, move on.

Establish Respect from the Start

Everything from the confidence you radiate to the way you speak should say, “I deserve respect and demand it”. Respect is huge in the African American community. People have to realize that respect is a must whether two people have their sights on spending their lives together or are enjoying a no strings relationship. Also, keep in mind that you have to treat others the way you want to be treated. Although respect is easy at the beginning, an effort is required to keep it going.

Know Your Boundaries and Make Yours Known

When you are just dating someone, avoid asking invasive questions as well as doing or saying something that could embarrass, falls into the category of TMI or is just too intimate. If you do, know that you will be called out. Additionally, if a date crosses the line with you, speak up!

Practice Patience

Dating requires patience. Everyone has ideas of what a relationship should entail as well as specific roles. If you like someone, use a time to your advantage by using it to bring you closer to the person(s) you are interested in.

Talk Values

It doesn’t matter if you plan to see them seriously or not because the company you keep reflects on you. Additionally, who wants to spend time with a questionable person? This doesn’t have to be a deep conversation. Just aim for casual chats that provide reliable insight on who you are dating and what he/she considers important.