10 Questions to Ask on a First Date and Why Is It Important

First dates are basically conversational Q&As. Unfortunately, people aren’t asking the right questions which are why dates are often plagued by awkward silences and boredom. Coming up with questions to ask on a first date isn’t difficult. The best ones reveal something interesting about a person and promote conversation. Here are ten questions to ask and why.

Do you live with anyone?

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This is a good opener once you’ve settled in at the café, bar, restaurant or other date location. It always leads to a series of follow-up questions which reduce the chance of a dull moment. Perhaps they live with their pet and you can connect on your love of animals. Alternatively, maybe he/she lives with family which gives you some room to get bits of info about their childhood and family relationships.

What was the last concert you went to?

concert first date question

This is a more creative way to see if you have the same taste in music. The best questions to ask on a first date should stray away from the generic. Wording the question this way sets the stage to share an entertaining tale or arrange a second date. Additionally, they can’t side step so you’ll get a direct answer. There is a reason people often inquire about music. It reveals a lot about a person. Because of this, most say they like a little bit of everything.

Where do you like to travel?

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This is at the top of the list of good questions to ask on a first date. It will surely start an interesting conversation. Whether one, both, or neither of you have traveled, everyone has somewhere they want to go. What makes this question even better is that it opens a wide range of topics including food, culture, people, and passions. Whether the date needs a pick me up or you draw a blank, pull this one out and enjoy what follows.

What are your ambitions?

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Introducing ambitions to your talk is on the list of things to ask on a first date because 1. It shows that you are ambitious and 2. Helps gauge your date’s ambition. For most, ambition is a deal breaker. Ambitious individuals prefer not to date someone with none while the type A go-getters make the less ambitious uncomfortable. In other words, they aren’t a good match. It‘s better to know this in advance rather than wasting time on a second date. This is especially so if looking for a serious relationship.

Tell me something you’re terrible at

Asking this question exactly as written above (which is more of a conversational request) sets the stage for a few laughs and fun tales. Before he/she gets the chance to answer, reveal one of your failures in a lighthearted way. Whether you can’t dance, can’t toast bread to save your life or whatever else, share it with a smile. Being able to laugh at yourself instantly boosts your attraction. Most are drawn to those who don’t take themselves too seriously.

What were you like in high school?

This first date question is a clever way to get insight into someone’s past without getting too deep. High school was a time when we were figuring ourselves out and forming into the people we are today. Parts of who we remained with us. For example, rebellious behavior in the past may indicate a hidden wild side. On the other hand, a confession of being, “pretty quiet” identifies an introvert. You will find these bits of information quite meaningful if you look at the big picture.

Did you get the telepathic message I just sent?

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You will want to use this one to break an awkward silence with some laughter. There is nothing worse on a first date than sitting at the same table looking at each other with nothing to say. The thing is, this doesn’t indicate a lack of interest or attraction but is just nerves. Some humor will help you and your date relax. Good times will surely follow.

So, are you taking applications for a girlfriend/boyfriend?

This is another on the list of funny questions to ask on a first date. Showing that you’re looking for something serious in a lighthearted, humorous way always goes over well. Make sure your timing is perfect to get the full effect. Try delivering this line out of the blue once you decide that your date is someone you’d like to see again. Your date will be flattered and you will get points for being funny.

Something niche related

One of the best ways to impress on a first date is asking your date a niche related question. When your date shares what they do for a living, ask something specific. Such questions are engaging and show genuine interest in his/her life. For example, if your date has an accessories line, inquire about the design process or what they’re currently working on. Too many people share what they do and then move on to another topic. Instead, use it as a pathway to learn more.

Do you want to get out of here and take a walk?

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This one is kind of brilliant but is only for dates that are going well. When you want to extend your time together, ask him/her out for a stroll. This adds a little romance to the date and creates a more intimate setting to talk. Oftentimes, stepping away from the usual date environment like a restaurant or theater helps people let their guard down. Walks are relaxing and very casual which everyone loves. Hey, it may even end with a kiss.

These questions to ask on the first date will make you a better dater. They help you hone your ability to remain engaging while getting the answers you want. Of course, all the responsibility isn’t on you but knowing what to say increases the chance of a successful date. Dates, especially first dates, come down to getting to know each other and getting a feel for each other’s personality. These ten will do just that.