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OkCupid.com is one of the reputed online dating sites with 50 million visitors per month. They built a big base because of free services which they offer to customers. They also believe in the use of quality algorithms, calculations, and other math works. All these go a long way in help in identifying the right dating partner based on specific needs and requirements of customers.

Who It Is For

Different people have different needs when it comes to online dating. There are people who are looking for a steady mate and partner. On the other hand, there are others who are looking for a grand one-night stand with the hottest and steamiest of experiences. There are others who are keen on just exchanging messages and perhaps get into a platonic love journey. Hence the users can be sure that they have everything available in one single platform.

One of the biggest USPs of OkCupid is their ability to offer their services to almost anybody and everybody irrespective of their age, gender, geographical location and social standing. Therefore they are sought after by persons who are straight in their sexual orientation. However, people who are very choosy about their partners complain about their having opened the doors to everyone.
Additionally, they offer the good quality dating services to gays and lesbians. Further, they also are in a position to cater to the specific needs of people who belong to certain religions, ethnicities, and communities.

They offer membership to almost all countries of the world and therefore a transnational dating site. They are able to define the search as narrowly as one could perhaps contemplate. Therefore there would hardly be any persons who would not be able to get a man or woman of his or her choice once they log in and become a member of this dating website. This is buttressed by the fact that there are many OkCupid.com reviews where customers have expressed satisfaction regarding the wide range of options which they offer to their customers. This also could be the reason that they have close to 30 million signed up customers and the numbers are always going up.


Uploading Of Different Types Of Photo

The website is unique because of a few different reasons. They look forward to at least three photographs from serious match seekers. This helps in finding the right match based on facial and physical appearances. It is very easy to upload the photographs and it should not take more than a few minutes.

Well Thought Out Profile Section

You should fill up profile page properly. Well structured and classified information making easy for others to get a birds’ eye view of members without having to spend too much time on it. Many youngsters, however, feel that it is time-consuming and boring.

Unique Question And Answer System

Additionally, they are one of the few who has a system of answering some of the most unusual questions from their members. The objective of this exercise is to ensure that the customers are able to get the exact matches based on very specific needs and requirements.

Questions Help In Algorithms

If you are an extreme user with some of fascinating desires and likes, then you will have reasons to find OkCupid dating site to be a nice experience. This is because you will be asked certain questions which will cater to your needs. You should give answers to fifty of randomly picked questions, to begin with.

Bizarre Sexual Needs Support

The number of questions you answer, the better will be the algorithm which works behind the scene. Hence you will have a much better and wider choice of partners and dating options. There are some logical reasons why so many questions are asked. It helps customers to identify the right match even if somebody has bizarre sexual thoughts and orientations and special desires. There have been instances where prospective users have come across women who would like to shock their partner and get an orgasm out of it! Yes, on the other side of the spectrum purists might detest such an option.

Quickmatch Option

Another feature why there are so many positive OkCupid.com review articles is because they have has a feature known as a quick match. This enables users to have a look at dozens of profiles who belong to specific requirements and who could be situated in the geographical spread where you might be located. Though they offer free services, those who are serious and are looking for the right partners would be better advised to go in for their paid services.

Message Filtering Option

You also have the feature of selecting the best messages from the right persons. You have the facility of filtering message based on length, attractiveness, and specific words.

Confirmation of Read Messages

You would be happy to find out if your message has been read. When you choose the paid option you get this facility. This certainly gives you that extra amount of satisfaction ad feel-good factor as a customer.

No Page Ads

When you opt for paid services, you will not have ads popping up every now and then. This increases page-loading speed.

Big Sized Inbox

The inbox is also quite big in size and you can keep almost 1570% more numbers of messages. This certainly is a good feature especially when you wish to keep the message as memoirs.

Pricing & Purchase Details

OkCupid basic account is free, however, they provide a few paid options for their users.


Basic A-list costs:

  • 19.95$/month for 1-month package
  • 14.95$/month for 3-month package (save 25%)
  • 9.95$/month for 6-month package (save 50%)


  • Ads-free
  • User can change his username once per month
  • More search options in match search (such as body type and attractiveness)
  • You can see a full list of users who has liked you
  • You can visit other people’s profiles invisibly
  • A bigger mailbox(storage for 5,000 messages)
  • Check is messages read or not

Premium A-list

Premium A-list costs:

  • 34.9$/month per 1-month package
  • 29,90$/month per 3-month package (save 14%)
  • 24.90$/month per 6-month package (save 28%)


  • One free profile boost per day during subscription
  • See other user’s answers to their questions before you answer
  • Your messages will be on the top of other users mailbox
  • You can see and be seen by more engaging matches

Incognito Mode

Incognito mode has the same price as basic A-list.


  • Your profile is hidden from other users unless you like or message them
  • You can cancel access to your profile by hiding or un-liking a profile
  • You could turn incognito mode off in any time
  • If incognito mode is turned on your profile won’t appear in search and if someone open your page he/she will get user doesn’t exist notification
  • Ads-free


Each and every website has its own share of pros and cons. The same is the case with OkCupid. Hence it would not be a bad idea to find out a few positives about this site and that too from the customers’ perspective:

  • Easy to sign up though there are a few questions to be answered in the beginning.
  • The free option offers quite a few facilities making it easy for people to search their partners without burning their pockets.
  • It helps in selecting the right partner irrespective of the sexual orientation that one might have. So, whether it is lesbians or gays, customers can be sure to get the best possible matches.
  • OkCupid offers services to those who have out of the box or unique requirements.


There are also many customers who have quite a few not-so-good things to share about this online dating site. Here are a few of them which are worth mentioning:

  • Spamming, scamming and posting false profiles is a big problem which has put off many genuine customers.
  • Since this is a free site, rummaging through a mountain of unwanted profiles and then selecting the right partner could often be a huge task, to say the least.
  • There are many who complain that the response from paid services is very poor and there are many instances where the response has been nil.

Similar Products to OkCupid


This is a comparable website for those who are on the lookout for a serious relationship. It is easy to use and the process of becoming a member is perhaps a bit simpler when compared to OkCupid.com. Migle2day also has both paid and free options but undoubtedly the paid option is much better. It could be in the same league as OkCupid.com but there are a few who feel the paid option could be a shade better.


This is often referred to as a quality website and hence it naturally attracts comparison with OkCupid.com. It is a site which allows members to create profiles and share videos and photographs. It is designed on the same lines of OkCupid.com and caters to those who believe in spiritual learning, true love, and compassion, just to name a few.


This website is respected by people across USA and Canada and the founder has a big reputation and goodwill. Hence, it certainly offers a good run for the money for OkCupid.com. It has a unique landing page and the sign-up process is extremely simple, to say the least. However, for those who look at variety and spice, there is no denying the fact that OkCupid.com is a much better option.
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