Going the Distance: Long Distance Relationship Advice

There is a lot of long distance relationship advice for couples that will keep the love, and fire, burning strong. A healthy and stable partnership can persist even when miles apart. In fact, more people are realizing that distance does make the heart grow fonder. It also makes moments together more valuable. The foundation just has to be right to keep the relationship healthy and happy. Let’s go over some long-distance relationship advice and ideas sure to make it work.

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Establish Some Ground Rules

Prior to parting ways, talk expectations and relationship status during your time apart. This prevents the need for long distance relationship jealousy advice. Just remember that these rules are up to you and your partner. Everyone’s situation is unique therefore you must decide what works best. Some prefer to remain exclusive while others agree that dating other people while away is fine. Make these clear beforehand so you both know where you stand.

Check In Briefly

Long distance relationship advice psychology is interesting when it comes to communication. Most would think to communicate more to compensate for the missed time together when the opposite is true. Calling, texting, and video chatting too often becomes a burden and is eventually processed as possessiveness. This is especially so when one person initiates more than the other. Instead, briefly check in almost every day. Here are a few ideas:

  • Send a sweet good morning text.
  • Call after dinner to discuss each other’s day.
  • Initiate a video chat and encourage communication of a more sensual nature.
  • Arrange a series of virtual dates like video chatting at dinner.

Some of these check-ins will extend to lengthy interactions while others will not. Keep things organic and enjoy the effect it has on your relationship. Long distance relationships should not be draining.

Stay Away from Temptation

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This is a very valuable piece of long distance relationship advice for guys especially. If you are exclusively committed, you probably want to limit your visits to clubs, lounges, and any other pick up spots likely to make your partner uneasy. Here’s the thing, you’re allowed to have fun and a level of trust is required to make the relationship last. Therefore, instead of not doing the things you want to do or worse, lying, discuss it. Letting him/her know beforehand is reassuring, comforting and maintains trust. As for things to avoid at all cost, they include:

  • Attractive coworkers who you’ve found yourself unconsciously flirting with.
  • Exes (yeah, just don’t).
  • Falling into the habit of regularly “hanging out” with an attractive friend or acquaintance.

When you aren’t with your partner, it is easy for sparks to fly with another person, especially if you start spending a significant amount of time together. These feelings are often temporary but can wreak havoc on a long distance relationship. It is better to turn someone down than having to do an internet search for, ‘long distance relationship advice cheating’ later.

Be Proactive When It Comes to Conflict

Taking a proactive approach to conflict is a valuable bit of long distance relationship argument advice to follow. Anyone in such a relationship knows that small arguments can quickly blow up into something huge. Before you know it, texts and calls are ignored and the status of the relationship is up in the air. Save yourself the trouble in the event of a conflict with the following:

Cease the back and forth

Arguments become blow ups when two people keep going back and forth. They want to top each other’s arguments. Don’t do that. Instead, make your point if it is important and then stop (even if your partner continues). That being said, don’t ignore, hang up, or walk away (this just makes someone angrier). Let him/her finish their point and then remove yourself.

Cool off

After the conflict, both of you need time to cool off. When emotions flare, we don’t think clearly. If trivial, some arguments will just blow over.

Identify the real cause

Concerns and insecurities are the common causes of conflict in a long distance romance. In other words, what you’re fighting about isn’t actually bothering you. The problem is much deeper. Step away for a moment and try to see your relationship from another perspective. What is it lacking? Do you find yourself unfulfilled in a certain area? Has your partner had a common complaint lately?

Come up with a solution

Once you two identify the real cause, communicate to develop a solution together. Whatever it is, find common ground that will keep both of you happy and feel secure. Just remember that sometimes we have to agree to disagree with our partners.

Long Distance Relationship Reunion Tips

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We’ve talked problems in LDRs so now let’s talk reunions. When you have been away from your significant other, reunions are exciting. You get a flood of emotions. You’re nervous, thrilled, and anxious all at the same time. Of course, you want to make the most of your time together, right? If in need of some long distance relationship reunion tips, continue below:

Have sex

Yeah, you know this is first on your mind. If in need of advice on keeping a long distance relationship alive, have sex. After an extended period of sex, naughty Skype sessions and sensual phone calls you’re craving the physical intimacy you’ve waited so patiently for. Although waiting can be difficult, reunion sex is the BEST. Intimacy is an important part of a relationship. It keeps two people connected, maintains sexual chemistry (even while away), and is a physical expression of love.


Yes, keep the romance alive by going out on a few dates while you’re together. In addition to maintaining the romance, dates present opportunities to create new memories together. Couples need fond memories, photos, and other mementos to hold on to when they part.

Organize your time

A valuable piece of long distance relationship visit advice is organize your time together. Although the two of you are reuniting, both have other responsibilities. Decide how you’re going to spend your time beforehand so no one’s feelings are hurt.

Forget the drama

Seriously, just be happy. Long distance relationships can be difficult at times. You two may have split up for a brief period, had problems with jealousy or had a huge fight a week ago. Rather than attempting a relationship analysis, cherish the time you have together.

Overall, long distance relationships can stand the test of time. Give the romance the attention and care it needs then watch it thrive. Best of luck!