Top 10 Dating Fails to Avoid Online and In Real Life

Everyone has a few dating fails stories. Some are epic while others are downright funny and online dating fails to run the risk of social media shame. We’ve all been there so why don’t we go over the ones to avoid so your love life remains free of embarrassment, shall we? These are some of the most common dating fails.

Talk, Talk

One of the biggest dating fails that we’ve all been guilty of at least once is talking too much. When all you hear is your voice, that’s a problem. Unfortunately, nerves get the best of us or we want to impress so badly that we’re compelled to spew anything remotely entertaining. For men, the drive is wanting to impress while women want to keep the lines of communication open. The conversation should flow but some occasional quiet is acceptable too. Take a tip from Estonians and enjoy the silence. There is no such thing as awkward silence in their culture (fun fact).

Being Overly Sexy

dating fail being to sexy

This falls into the category of big dating fails mainly because you will freak your date out! Ladies, save the revealing clothing and sexy talk for another occasion and guys, cut the macho act. There is nothing sexier than your genuine self. It is best to gradually reveal your sexy side as you get to know each other instead of bombarding a date with all you have to offer and some extra. Dating isn’t about trying to be what someone wants. They either like you as you are or you move on.

Going to Sleep

Epic dating fails make funny stories to tell your friends later and falling asleep is one of them. Some cannot even imagine this but believe it or not, it happens. So many have gone to dinner, or the even more popular movie, only to have their date fall asleep. Alternatively, you may have been the one to pass out. Therefore, you should never date tired. Take a nap before or make sure you get a good night’s rest. Yeah, movie theaters create the perfect setting for a snooze but catching some Zzz’s puts a serious damper on things.

Texting or Calling Too Often

dating fail calling to often

Seriously? Just stop. So, your date went well. Great, but coming across as needy scares people away. Don’t bombard him or her with texts, avoid calling too often and do not blow up their social media pages. This only makes someone think they have a stalker on their hands. That being said, feel free to use these tools to stay connected. A quick message saying that you had a great time or calling to set up another date is fine. Just ensure you have time to miss each other. It makes dates more enjoyable.

The Boozer

One of the dating fails that will probably never die is people getting drunk on dates, especially first dates. Who knows what makes someone think alcohol is the secret to a great evening but it never turns out good. Before you know it:

  • Something ridiculous comes out of your mouth.
  • You’re this close to being sick.


  • Do something completely out of character and earn a spot on the list of funny first date fails.

The two-drink maximum exists for a reason.

Online Dating Fails

online dating fails photo

Online dating fails deserve a section of their own. Because of the level of anonymity, the mistakes get pretty severe if not downright laughable. Here are some of the worst.

The Wrath of Rejection

This is an example of what happens when a person who cannot handle rejection gets rejected online. Let’s call this person, exhibit A:

Exhibit A: What do you think about getting to know each other? After we hit it off, we can go on a romantic dinner date. Do you have a favorite restaurant?

1 day later…

Exhibit A: Guess not. You know it’s not a good idea to ignore someone trying to get to know you.

Exhibit A: Hello?

Exhibit A: HELLO?

1 hour later…

Exhibit A: Well you are nothing special anyway. What is the point of ignoring someone? How dumb.

The worst part is, this is a clean version of what some people will send. All these displays insecurity and will leave the other person thinking, “Whew, dodged a bullet there.” Don’t let this be you.

Dressing Room Pictures

This is sure to earn you a spot on some blogger’s top 10 list of dating profile fails. Most people who see your pictures will think you didn’t have decent clothes to take photos in. We get it, you shop. Guys, you know you’re guilty of this one.

The Very Brief Initial Message

Everyone seems to be getting downright lazy with their initial messages. Instead of saying hello and briefly introducing themselves, both men and women are doing the bare minimum. Here are a few examples:

  • “Hi”
  • “Greetings”
  • “How are you?”
  • “Please consider with a reply”

All of the above are fails because they will get you nowhere. Along with giving a poor first impression, not one sparks a conversation. Think about it. Would you want to respond to these?

Copy and Paste

Copying and pasting the same message to multiple online matches is so obvious. The worst part is, those guilty of this fail have no idea how obvious it is. Just don’t do it. Instead, aim for a brief message that sparks conversation. That’s all you need.

Emoji Overboard

Overusing emojis is juvenile. Use your words if you want a potential date to take you seriously. The occasional one here and there to better express yourself is acceptable but otherwise, type it out. It’s also suggested that you delay such visually expressive texts until an actual relationship develops. At that point, emojis are playful and fun.

All in all, dating fails will never end. Whether it is one of the in-person variety or online, they happen but you don’t have to be the main character in the story. Date wisely and think things through. You will be fine.