Step by Step: How to Create a Good Female Dating Profile

The goal of creating a good online dating profile is making yourself irresistible. You want men to see your page and say, “She’s someone I have to get to know.” Careful thought must be put into the process from start to finish to create a synergic profile that draws in a match after match. Let’s discuss.

Your Username

First and foremost, come up with an attention-grabbing username. Most go the lazy route and use their initials followed by a few random letters and numbers, while others are just off-putting. Also, let’s not forget the boring bunch. Instead, think of something that represents you. This can relate to your appearance or interests. It tells potential matches something about you right off the bat. Injecting a touch of creativity or originality into that first impression makes a big difference.

The Hooking Headline

After your username grabs someone’s attention, your headline comes in to make them stay a while. Dating profile headlines like, “Grab a drink and let’s get to know each other over a high-speed internet connection” and “Alright, I’m here. Now what are your other two wishes?” are two excellent examples. The first one is great because it creates a setting before any interaction takes place. It also shows that you’re relaxed, easy to talk to and most importantly, want to have a conversation to further establish a connection. As for the second option, a touch of sarcastic humor is hard for most men to resist. Best of all, both will stand out from the plethora of Hellos and the forever popular, “You may be the one I’m looking for”.


dating profile photo example

Despite how easy it is to snap a few good photos of yourself, this is one of the top dating profile fails. Things to avoid include:

  • Dimly lit photos. Honestly, this looks like you’re hiding something or are self-conscious about your looks.
  • Too many selfies. Including one in your profile is fine but for the others, especially the main profile photo, skip them. That is what friends, family, and tripods are for.
  • Sunglasses. Um, why would you wear shades? The point is for matches to see your lovely face!

Instead, aim for well lit, clear, high-quality images with no frills. You don’t need a photographer or any special equipment. In fact, you may have the photos you need on your computer or mobile device. For your profile photo, show off your beautiful face. For the best results, have a friend snap a series of pictures and take your pick. In these photos, wear your hair down, stick with natural makeup, a simple background, and smile. As for what other photos to include, go with a combination of headshots and full body shots along with a few action shots. A photo of you dancing at a party, hiking, jogging, skiing or whatever else you like will do. They significantly increase the number of messages received.


Your dating profile description gives potential matches a GLIMPSE of who you are. You notice the emphasis on glimpse? Of course, it is tempting to include your whole life story due to wanting to cover all the basics and then some but don’t. Men dislike reading long profiles. They much rather get the details first hand. Below are a few tips to write an exceptional description:

  • Provide a sense of your interests and lifestyle. Share what you do in your spare time and briefly touch on specifics. For example, rather than stating art as a passion, share what you are doing with that passion. Are you showing at a gallery soon? Perhaps working on a new piece? Specificity is your friend.
  • Touch on what you are looking for in a match (some sites have a separate section for this so keep that in mind). This isn’t the place to be vague. Be direct and state what you are truly looking for in a match.
  • Highlight your good qualities. This is your time to shine and stand out from the crowd so embrace your uniqueness.
  • Type how you talk. Pretend like you are talking to a friend.
  • Maintain a positive, confident tone. You are trying to meet someone special. It’s hard to do that with negativity.
  • Show don’t tell. If you’re funny, don’t say you’re funny. Show it!

In other words, write a detailed description minus the lengthy word count (look at the screenshot for an example). Also, do not forget to fill out all sections of your profile. These sections cover things like lifestyle, interests, marital status and beliefs. Your answers help match systems connect you with other users.

dating profile example

Dos and Don’ts

We’ve already covered some very useful information but now let’s go over some essential dos and don’ts.


  1. Use recent pictures ONLY. Show who you are now rather than who you were 5 years ago. That is the woman he’ll meet once the first face to face meeting takes place.
  2. Be honest. Lying online will ensure awkward moments later. Additionally, dishonesty can result in losing a good guy.
  3. Consider wearing red in your profile picture. Men are drawn to it like flies. Science has proved that red promotes more positive responses meaning more likes and messages for you.
  4. Check for errors. Give any content in your profile a once over before saving. A profile free of spelling and grammatical errors shows that you care.
  5. Share your values. This will draw the right men in.


  1. Do not post overly sexual photos. This may get you more attention initially but not from the men you’re looking for. It is fine to show a little skin but less is more.
  2. Do not post more than one selfie. Selfies don’t really convert outside of social networking.
  3. Post group shots. This will confuse those who view your profile and leave them wondering, “Which one are you?”
  4. Start every sentence with “I”. This turns your profile into a tedious read. It also gives the impression that you’re self-centered.
  5. Overuse emoticons. Leave that to the teenagers.

Overall, creating a great female dating profile is simple. Relax on the couch and jump right in. After you complete your profile, look it over and make any edits. Just remember to keep it brief, be yourself and look your best. Good luck!