4 Cheap Date Ideas Under 10$

Dating is more about time than money. More specifically, quality time. Many think it is almost impossible to have a good time with $10 or less but you can. You just have to think casual. Here are 4 date ideas you must try.

Hit Up an Arcade

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A few dollars in quarters can create a fun date at the arcade day or night. This inexpensive idea is a winner because not only does it offer nostalgia but there’s some competition involved. See who wins the most prize tickets and make a bet that the loser pays for some casual eats after. Alternatively, you can get flirty and bold with your bet depending on where your relationship is at. When competition comes into play and mixes with attraction, the energy is electric, playful and romance thrives.

Volunteer Together

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Pick a cause that you are both passionate about, select a date, a time and give back. Volunteering together is a powerful cheap date idea that works for both couples and those getting to know each other. In addition to being a bonding experience, volunteering allows you to discover shared values and see each other’s kindness. To reap both benefits, approach this date as a team the entire way through. You will discover values when deciding on a volunteer program and uncover passions in the process. As for the actual volunteering, that gives you the chance to see how one another works with others along with the effort made to help. Additionally, suggesting it shows that you’re a thoughtful and socially aware person. When the date is over, you’ll agree that volunteering is a special way to spend time together.

Attend a Free Concert

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Local bands along with well-known artists put on free concerts more often than you think. Take your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife to one and check out the talent. Some spots host free nights once a week. If more than one show is going on that night, turn your date into a musical adventure. You can hop from place to place until you find a vibe you’re into. Just remember that it isn’t about the music but rather the fun of doing something on a whim. The only costs here are food and drink.

Support the Home Team

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This is one of the cheap date ideas for college students. Games are free with a student ID so go root for your team and use the weather to your advantage. For warm days, have the basics covered like bottled water and refreshing snacks to show how thoughtful you are. As for cold weather, use it as a time to get close. Hot chocolate and a large blanket will do just that. If you can, arrange to go to a high stakes game sure to be fast paced with palpable energy. Before you know it the two of you will be really into it, on the edge of your seats and cheering.

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